Live Hypnosis Training In Las Vegas, Nevada

Performed Over 8,000

Comedy stage hypnosis shows, in Las Vegas.

Been on Numerous TV Shows

The Tonight Show, MTV, BET, VH1, Fox, and many others.

Conducted more than 1000

Stop smoking, weight loss, and self-hypnosis seminars.


More than 150,000 people and counting.


More than 150,000 people and counting.

Over 20,000 hours

Of one on one hypnotherapy sessions.

Performed My Act

On Broadway for 2 years.............

Stared In My Own

TV series on Playboy TV for 7 years.

Continue To

Add value to my high profile clients.

I don’t tell you these things to impress you. I tell you these things to impress upon you the importance of learning hypnosis from someone who is highly qualified.

Here's What You Will Learn...

• How to approach people

• Learn about rapport and why it’s important

• Learn how to turn resistance into compliance. (This technique alone will improve your hypnotic abilities)

• Why the power of humor is so important.

• The No-Induction-Induction (sells for $697 on my website)

• Learn how to hypnotize virtually anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

• Why suggestibility test are a waste of time, and what you should do instead.

• Learn how to handle difficult audiences, and resistant subjects.

• How to draw a crowd

• How to make money on the street

• Learn how to get a Vegas show.

• Learn to break into the college market, fair market, and comedy clubs.

• Learn how to take on all challenges, and never runaway and make excuses again.

Most hypnosis trainers have lied to you about their experience and training. They show you video clips of themselves teaching seminars. However, this isn’t real world experience.

These video clips are a form of social proof, which they use to fool you into believing they are experienced. They might show you a clip of them doing a hypnosis show, however you never get to see the whole show; and you don’t know how old the clip is.

Most hypnosis trainers/instructors don’t have any real training or experience whatsoever. Some have even written books on hypnosis themselves, so you perceive them to be an expert on the subject.

These hypnosis trainers make all of their money from selling you hypnosis DVDs. They don’t make their money doing hypnotherapy or stage hypnosis.

When they tell you they have done literally hundreds or even thousands of hypnosis shows, you should ask them to show you at least 10 or 20 unedited stage hypnosis shows from beginning to end. They will make up every excuse in the book why they can’t show them to you. Now…Don’t “YOU” think there is something a little fishy about that? They may even tell you they are retired, and they just enjoy the successes of their students now….more BS!

They have no real proof of what they have done. They have no real proof of where they learned hypnosis, as many are self taught. In fact many, make all of their money teaching others how to do something they aren’t successful at.

You Deserve Better, Don’t You Think?

Whether you are a hypnotherapist or a stage hypnotist, you will not want to miss this training. In this training I am going to show you how to hypnotize people quickly, easily, and deeply.

I don’t teach technique or theory! I don’t teach what you can find or read in a book for yourself. In fact, what I teach, you can’t find talked about or written about in any book anywhere. I teach what I have learned over my 40 plus years of hypnotizing real people in real life situations!

In my 3-day training I will share the secrets of my success! I will teach you to really hypnotize people, quickly and deeply. These are the same techniques that I use in my hypnotherapy sessions, my stop smoking & weight loss seminars, and they are the same techniques that made me over $100,000 a month doing stage hypnosis shows in Las Vegas. And yes, I have the tax returns to prove it, and will show them to you (NO ONE ELSE WILL OR CAN DO THIS)!

I will teach you the same techniques I used to win the Playboy TV audition, which landed me the STARRING ROLE on Playboy TV’s Extreme Truth. In fact I have been on other TV auditions and using my techniques, and I have never lost an audition yet!

In My 3-Day Training I Will Share With You:

My hypnotic touch, gaze, and hypnotic words! Just these three things will help clients in your practice, improve your stage show, and help you to approach people on the street or anywhere! This training will make you a better hypnotist, and I will show you how to apply it to your practice or stage show!

Whether you are a stage hypnotist or a hypnotherapist, with my mentoring you will, “Rule, Own, Dominate, and Control any market you Compete in.”

One of my students even did a hypnosis show for Donald Trump in Atlantic City. This student used my hypnotic words almost verbatim and he didn’t four-wall; Donald Trump actually paid him!

By taking my 3-day training, you will gain knowledge and insight on how to handle difficult audiences, and resistant subjects.

I teach you the art of subtle changes that turn good subjects to great subjects…resistant subjects to cooperative subjects…anxious subjects to comfortable subjects.

In addition, I will also be teaching you how to hypnotize audiences that are very small in number, resistant, uncooperative, unresponsive, extremely negative, sarcastic, self-conscious, up tight, and very skeptical.

You will learn first hand how to deal with high pressure situations, that most hypnotists would fail, crumble, and pee their pants!!! In fact most hypnotists would never allow themselves to be put in the situations I put myself in.

There is a “Secret Rule of Thumb” in Stage Hypnosis!

The secret is, you need a large number of people to do a stage hypnosis show. This is because there is safety in numbers. The larger the audience, the easier it will be to find a few somnambulists.

There are hypnotists that have in their contract, there must be at least one hundred people in attendance or there is “no show.” My motto is, “I will do a show in a phone booth, if you promise to call.” I have done shows in bars with as little as 10 people and hypnotized every one on stage.

Here’s Another Secret!

Most hypnotists do high school shows or college shows. You will see these hypnotists working with kids and most of them are under the age of 25. Why?? Let me be the first to tell you that…

There is no skill necessary in hypnotizing young people under the age of 25!!!

This is why most hypnotist specialize in high school, grad nights, college, and state fairs!!! Don’t get me wrong there is good money in doing these markets and venues. I just get no personal satisfaction from doing these types of shows.

I am just saying there is “NO HYPNOTIC KNOWLEDGE OR SKILL REQUIRED TO HYPNOTIZE A 25 YEAR OLD.” You can hypnotize young people by just saying “boo,” they will follow your instructions, and do anything you say!

If you want to be better than the average Ho-Hum-Hypnotist, if you really want to quickly drop your clients into a deep hypnotic state, if you really want to WOW them at your next show…then you will not want to miss this special 3-day training.

Who Should Sign Up for This 3-Day Training?

nyone who wants to learn how to hypnotize virtually anyone, anywhere, and anytime. If you are a Veteran stage hypnotist, you will take your game to a new level.

However you don’t have to be or want to be a stage hypnotist to get value out of this 3-day training. There are tons of valuable information here that a clinical hypnotherapist can both learn from and put to immediate use in their practice.

My thinking and methods on hypnosis are very different from what you have read or are going to find anywhere else. I am a student of hypnosis myself and I am always learning new ways to hypnotize.

You might be asking yourself why I am offering my training now? I am offering trainings not because I really want to. I never planned on sharing my secrets until I physically couldn’t do it anymore. However there are so many people out there who claim to be experts.

The hypnosis industry has become overrun with internet marketers peddling products that don’t work and professional hypnotists selling old out dated techniques that you can read in any basic hypnosis book.

Thus, I wanted to give you a better option if you are serious about learning hypnosis.

What is Your Investment Worth to Mentor With Justin?

Due to the proprietary nature of this material, and the fact that it has never before been revealed before, I originally planned to charge quite a bit more for this training.

However for this seminar the cost is $2,000.00 I know that is a lot. However I suspect you will make your money back just from your next stage show, next client or street performance.

So I think, $2,000.00 is a worth while investment!


Who Is This Training For?

1. If you are already a hypnotist, certified hypnotherapist or NLPer, this class will give you the knowledge
and help fine turn your skills for the entertainment market or to bolster your presentation skills.

2. If you know absolutely nothing about hypnosis but are eager, coachable, willing to do whatever it takes to become
a professional, this professional and powerful stage hypnosis program can be your springboard to success.

Why Train With Justin Tranz

Watch these videos and decide for yourself. Watch these videos and decide for yourself.
Watch these videos and decide for yourself. Watch these videos and decide for yourself.


Hidden Camera




TV Series


There are people that should NOT attend this training!

You should NOT attend this training:

* If you want to hypnotize people by memorizing a script with so called magic words.

* If you want a certification (All hypnosis certifications are BS, and not recognized by any local, state, or federal authorities…IT’S A SCAM).

* If you are looking to learn NLP & Conversational Hypnosis Mumbo Jumbo.

* If you think Milton Erickson was a GOD.

* If you want to do long boring 7 to 10 minute progressive muscle relaxation inductions.

* If you want to “ONLY” be able to do hypnosis shows or demonstrations if you have over 50 to a 100 or more people in the room.

* If you want to do shows and need 30 to 40 chairs on stage to perform.

* If you want to believe that some people can’t be hypnotized.

* If you want to believe that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

* If you need 100% silence from the audience while you hypnotize your volunteers.

* If you want to do hand shake interrupts, arm pulls, butterflies, or zap people.

* If you want to cancel shows if you have less than 40 or 20 people in the room.

* If you want to tell people to not volunteer if they really don’t want to be hypnotized.

* If you want to believe that you can’t get people to do things against their will.

* If you want to learn suggestibility tests you can find in any basic book on hypnosis.

* If you are “ONLY” looking to find and hypnotize highly super suggestible people to make you look good.

* If you are “ONLY” looking to hypnotize young College Students, High School, and Junior High School kids. (There is no hypnosis skills needed to hypnotize people 23 years old and younger)

* If you think that practicing hypnosis with stuffed animals and hand puppets is a good way to learn hypnosis.