Two Justin Tranz Stage Hypnosis Show Videos Uncut, Unedited & Uncensored

Here are Two (2) randomly chosen Justin Tranz Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show video’s Uncut & Unedited from beginning to end. Just kick back and laugh your butt off. With Justin’s video’s you will laugh you butt off as you watch Justin hypnotize people to think their shoe is a gas mask, think they’re goldfish, think they are body builders, play their butt like a drum, and much more.

And, if you thought that was funny, just wait. You will fall off your chair laughing as Justin hypnotizes men and women to seduce Justin. Want a taste of what’s on the video’s? Check out our live performance and television page.

Conversations with Justin Tranz Audio Series “No-induction-Induction” for High Schools, Grad Nights, Colleagues and Fairs (No Hypnosis Induction Whatsoever)

Imagine doing a high school, grad night, college, or fair show without a long boring 7 to 15 minute hypnosis induction! Don’t try to tell me you never wished you could!!!

In this audio program Justin takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step thru his method of doing a stage hypnosis show for the high school, grad night, college, and fair market that will enable you to have your volunteers under your control in less than an instant!

They will be like puppets on your string. They will obey all your commands, and will be like putty in your hands! Watch them follow your suggestions without a word spoken by you. Just point, watch them melt to the ground, and the more they fight the more they melt….

After learning this method you will take over, own, and dominate every high school, grad night, college, or fair market you compete in. Justin’s method will make people believe you have real supernatural powers (because you will).

Listen to what full-time professional stage hypnotist Chris Cady has to say about Justin Tranz’s “NO-Induction-Induction”

If David Copperfield or Lance Burton were selling a coaching program for magicians you’d better believe every magician worth his salt would buy it. It’s no different with hypnosis.

Justin Tranz’s new “No-Induction-Induction” is very dramatic & entertaining…’s AWESOME!

As a full-time professional stage hypnotist, I am always looking for ways to take my show to the next level, so I’m always looking for new training materials. The problem with most “How To Be A Better Hypnotist Programs” is, that the people teaching them are teaching because they are awful performers and cant make a living performing or doing hypnotherapy.

These guys do hypnosis shows in their dreams. So they sell what they can’t do and almost all of their stuff is just ” a hack!” Justin Tranz does hypnosis shows at the very highest levels of the industry. So when he offered me the chance to improve my show by learning his new hypnosis “No- Induction-Induction,” I jumped at it and I used it two days after learning it.

It is simple to understand and very easy to use. The audience was in shock as I hypnotized volunteer after volunteer without a long BORING progressive relaxation induction!

This works!
Chris Cady

Conversations With Justin Tranz Audio Series The Secrets of Justin Tranz’s Stage Hypnosis Show!

If you are looking to learn stage hypnosis, you have to learn from someone that really does it or really did it! Justin Tranz has done over 6000 stage shows, hypnotized more than 150,000 people, headlined Vegas for over a decade, performed his act on Broadway for 2 years, stared in his own TV series on Playboy TV the last six years, and have been on numerous TV Shows (The Tonight Show, The Wayne Brady Show, MTV, BET, VH1, Fox Sports, Blind Date, etc.).

Learn the secrets of Justin’s success! Learn how he made over $100,000 a month doing stage hypnosis shows (tax returns to prove it)! Learn how to win TV auditions (I have never lost one)! Learn the real truth about the hypnotists playing in Las Vegas today, and how you can easily do it as well! Learn how to be different, and stand out! Learn how to perform your shows like no one has seen before, with greater impact, and dynamically different!

With Justin’s mentoring you will, “Rule, Own, Dominate, and Control any market you Compete in!”

Justin will teach you in this four and a half hour audio/video webinar what you need to know about putting on a successful stage hypnosis show from start to finish.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss ’EAT 2 LIVE, Don’t LIVE 2 EAT” Program With Justin Tranz

As you know LOSING WEIGHT IS HARD! There I said it! When you diet or try and lose weight, you feel like you are always starving, depriving yourself, counting points, counting calories, or exercising yourself to death! Your mind has been conditioned to eat a certain way and it doesn’t want to change! You eat lunch at lunch time. You eat dinner while you watch the news or some other TV show. You clean your plate because your parents told you to. You eat when you are emotional, because it makes you feel better. All these things have nothing to do with being hungry and they all make you fat!

Remember when you first started to drive a car? You had to concentrate and focus on every detail, how much gas to give it when you started the car, how much pressure to put on the brake to stop without launching your passengers through the window, you didn’t even like people to talk to you because it was distracting.

Remember how AWESOME you felt? You were controlling that big machine, you were in charge, and freedom felt GOOD! Now after a few years, you don’t even think about driving while you do it, you talk on the phone, you sing with the radio, you check out the people in the other cars, sometimes you even eat while you drive. You are on autopilot. Driving isn’t so much fun anymore, just a rote task.

In this step-by-step audio program Justin Tranz will share with you how he lost over 70 pounds with his own hypnosis program and it will work for you too!

4 Hypnotic Music Tracks By Justin Tranz

These 4 hypnotic music tracks were designed by Justin Tranz and designed to quickly take the listener to a relaxed, receptive state. These tracks can be used during a live hypnosis sessions, as the background music to hypnosis CD’s and MP3’s or as a stand-alone relaxation CD/MP3.

Listen To Samples of All 4 Tracks Below

Track 1 Inner Harmony

Track 2 Journey Through Space

Track 3 Voyage To The Land of Dreamz

Track 4 Journey Into Your Mind

For Healing, Meditation, and Hypnotic Induction. Track 1 Inner Harmony (29:46) and Track 2 Journey Through Space (29:50). These original music recordings have been specially designed to provide a full-spectrum of acoustic enforcement for deep relaxation, meditation, and hypnotic induction sessions.

Based on my latest research in Sound Healing Technology, TRANZ MUSIC acts on the mind-body to help unlock your own full potential. It can be listened to with or without headphones.

Track 3 Voyage To The Land of Dreamz (31:02) and Track 4 Journey Into Your Mind (28:56) ‏are both hypnotic music for soothing of the body, mind, and spirit. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing blend of Native American Drums, Reflective Flute Solos, Ambient Sounds, and Mystical Voices. This music will take you to your own “Land Of Dreamz.” Simply, it is a gateway into quiet paradise of your peaceful mind.

Healing effects of drums and flutes have been known for ages, so you can experience it now yourself. By providing affirmative statements blended with the music to meditate upon. This recording is a perfect companion to any deep relaxation, massage, Reike, or therapeutic sessions.

Conversations With Justin Tranz Webinar Series Learn How To Conduct Stop Smoking Sessions!

Learn from Justin Tranz’s 40 plus years of doing hypnosis. In this training webinar, which is over two hours long Justin will teach you everything you need to know about conducting stop smoking sessions for individuals and groups. What you’ll learn has never been published anywhere, and has only been taught to a select few!

You will earn your investment back on your very first client or group!
[accordion-item title=”Read more…”]Doing stop smoking groups and private clients will put an extra $10,000 to $30,000 in your pocket every year! I personally make $75,000 a year just doing stop smoking clients! The average smoker spends about $2,000 per year smoking cigarettes! I charge $350 to $1,000 for private clients and $150 to $250 per person in groups.

You’ll get everything you need to be successful! When you invest today you’re also going to receive a 47:00 minute video of Justin working with a client to stop smoking. You will see first hand on the video Justin doing the things he explains on the webinar. Being able to see Justin put into practice with a real client will make things more clear, and understandable.

Also as a BONUS you’ll also receive a 49:00 minute video of Justin with a student explaining how to get people to comply and ready to go into hypnosis.

There are four hours of proven, hardcore video instructions in this program!

3 Day Hip-Nosis Video Training!

3 Day HIP-NOSIS TRAINING. Beyond the basics of hypnosis…Stage – Street – Therapy! 12 hours of actual LIVE RAW uncut/unedited footage of Justin teaching hypnosis in a classroom of eager students!

Most hypnosis trainers/instructors don’t have any real training or experience whatsoever. Some have even written books on hypnosis themselves, so you perceive them to be an expert on the subject.

These hypnosis trainers make all of their money from selling you hypnosis DVDs. They don’t make their money doing hypnotherapy or stage hypnosis.

When they tell you they have done literally hundreds or even thousands of hypnosis shows, you should ask them to show you at least 10 or 20 unedited stage hypnosis shows from beginning to end. They will make up every excuse in the book why they can’t show them to you. Now…Don’t “YOU” think there is something a little fishy about that? They may even tell you they are retired, and they just enjoy the successes of their students now….more BS!

They have no real proof of what they have done. They have no real proof of where they learned hypnosis, as many are self taught. In fact many, make all of their money teaching others how to do something they aren’t successful at.

You deserve better, don’t you think?

Whether you are a hypnotherapist or a stage hypnotist, you will not want to miss this training. In this training I am going to show you how to hypnotize people quickly, easily, and deeply.

I don’t teach technique or theory! I don’t teach what you can find or read in a book for yourself. In fact, what I teach, you can’t find talked about or written about in any book anywhere. I teach what I have learned over my 40 plus years of hypnotizing real people in real life situations!

In my 3-day seminar I will share the secrets of my success! I will teach you to really hypnotize people, quickly and deeply. These are the same techniques that I use in my hypnotherapy sessions, my stop smoking & weight loss seminars, and they are the same techniques that made me over $100,000 a month doing stage hypnosis shows in Las Vegas. And yes, I have the tax returns to prove it, and will show them to you (NO ONE ELSE WILL OR CAN DO THIS)!