The Greatest Hypnotist Of All Time

.....Muhammad Ali

JUSTIN TRANZ has been “Hip-Notizing” since the age of 7. He has done well over 10,000 stage shows and has put more than 250,000 people to “sleep.” Justin headlined in Las Vegas on The Strip for over 15 years, starred in Playboy TV’s hit show “The Extreme Truth” and is the only hypnotist in history to have a run on Broadway (3 years).

Justin was hired by IKEA to do an experiment to hypnotize shoppers in their stores, into believing they were shopping in their futures. This was made into a 7-part online ad commercial campaign mini-series

Justin has been featured on The Tonight Show, The Wayne Brady Show, MTV (Viva La Bam), Spy TV, Blind Date, BET, VH1, Fox Sports, America’s Next Top Model, and many many more… television is his other stage.

Creating Miracles And
Changing peoples lives

Although Justin’s love affair with hypnotism is entertaining audiences around the world, he also knows the serious side of hypnosis and the benefits it can bring into someone’s life. Through his seminars and personal sessions, he has helped thousands with their battle to stop smoking, lose weight, build confidence, eliminate stress, phobias, insomnia, and anxiety.

In addition, he has worked with medical professionals, corporate executives, and professional athletes. Justin has worked with many professional boxers who he likes to brag are undefeated. In the summer of 2014, he was hired to entertain the NBA, and to demonstrate the power of the mind in reguards to winning at their game on the court, and having better lives off the court.

For Amateurs or Professionals

Justin works privately and personally with many NBA Player’s on numerous NBA teams to this day. Justin has also been to Moscow Russia and worked with several professional basketball players in the Euroleague. Justin has also worked with Olympic Divers and Olympic Taekwondo Fighters.

Justin’s mesmerizing demonstrations offer spellbinding entertainment, a unique message, and incredible results. Thank you for your interest in Justin Tranz, and he looks forward to meeting you, entertaining you, and or helping you overcome challenges in your life.